Monday, July 31, 2017

Bone Marrow & Oysters

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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2017 13:41:22 -0500
From: Brett Hogg

Hows it going fam!

A relatively slow week, we had MLC (mission leadership council), so we spent most of the day there or driving to and from Frisco (where the new mission home is). Then we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders, one of which I replaced here in this area, so he was able to show us where everyone he taught in the past, that was worth going back to visit, was at and where they worked the most, so that was nice. Spanish work here in the area has been really slow, most Hispanics we find also understand english and would rather go to the english ward because its at a better time, or just don't want to come to church at all. lol

President Dalton came with us to a couple lessons! I guess he's going to start going out with missionaries at least once a week. He brought his son (14 I believe?), and his daughter (17?) went out with the Hermanas (Sister missionaries) here in our district. It was kind of weird to be honest. I'm not used to people coming with us to lessons and kind of taking the lead, usually we (and usually me, I'm really working on not taking over lessons, and letting my companion talk more lol) do most of the talking and the member jumps in every once and a while or shares part of the lesson or whatever, but President took the lead, which isn't bad! I'm not complaining! Just not very used to it and it kind of threw my groove off lol. It was still really cool to have him there though, I'm looking forward to teaching with him more in the future.

Yesterday we ate dinner with this really cool hispanic family in the branch, and she fed us this really good soup, that had a big bones in it. She told us the best part, and what most hispanics do, is take out the bone marrow, and put it on a tortilla and a little salt, so that's what I did! My first time eating bone marrow I think, wasn't bad, it was just a tiny bit, and pretty much just tasted like beef. Also this week I tried oysters for the first time! Our Italian branch mission leader took us out to get sea food, and he ordered some. Kind of like when dad tried them for the first time, I figured I wouldn't buy them myself, so I better try them now. The oysters themselves don't really taste like anything, just the weird texture. They had pico de gallo and avocado on them so they pretty much just tasted like that, with a gooey part underneath lol

Anyways not much else happening this week, 
Love yall,
Elder Hogg

Random street art photos, one of rochester, And a stop sign on the train tracks lol

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