Sunday, March 15, 2015

Farewell Open House

NOTE:  When I refer to people, we'll use either just use first name and/or initials.  When I post about Brett's companions and families he teaches, we don't use their full name, respecting privacy, etc.  Also with photos, I'll just post first names or initials as well.  When I refer to a relative - it will be what Brett would call them (Mom=me; 'Aunt' Carrie, 'Grandma' Debbie - etc.). Also know that there are a lot of non-LDS peeps that will read this - so I'll explain some of the acronyms since we sometimes have our own language!  haha.  Feel free to share this blog with anyone! 

Sue Posting:  It was an emotional Sunday.  Sue & Eric talked in church and Scott and Brett bore their testimonies.  For those not members - our Sunday services are "sermons" taught by the members in many cases and our topic was on Service.  We were lucky to have Grandma Debbie, Aunt Carrie and Aunt Lisa attend church with us!  (PS - anyone is always welcome to visit church with us!)

Later Sunday evening we had a Farewell Open House at the church where we had desserts and everyone was invited to come and say good bye, give hugs, take pictures and write in Brett's journal.  SO MANY people came to support Brett and our family!  It was overwhelming to read the cards and journal entries, etc.  We also received so many notes and well wishes from those who couldn't come.  Brett got texts, voicemails and people stopped by just to say good-bye.  We called it the Farewell Tour.

Here are some pictures from the Open House:

Brett's Seminary Teacher (Well - after me, of course! :)

Brett's new Bishop with his first missionary!
Marilyn, Rissie & Brett

Russ & Brett discussing readings in the BOM (Book of Mormon)

Brett's awesome friends from school! Sam, Jack, Esteban - and of course Janie!! ♥

Grandma Debbie - always laughing ☺

Maggie - who helped us the entire night.  She was amazing and a life support for me!  (She is also the Relief Society president in our ward; the Relief Society is the women's organization in our church.)

Our family trying to act normal...  Brett, Mom, Dad, Brother Scott

PIE!  (it's a weird family thing)

Another tradition... posing for an album cover.  We won't be able to do these for 2 more years! :(

Grandma Debbie, Scott, Aunt Lisa, Brett & Aunt Carrie

Brett holding the picture of himself that we had displayed by his journal.  Scott is photo-bombing...


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  2. I said I love the memories of your family at the West Allis Ward, etc.