Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Dallas - Coming Home

Here's what's happening this week!  

Brett was released from Univ. Texas - Southwestern Hospital on Friday after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  He also received a bone marrow biopsy to find out the involvement of the disease.

On Saturday and Sunday, he was able to go see people - visit his ward (congregation) at the Pioneer Ward (spanish ward in Grand Prairie) and say goodbye to members and missionaries. 


On Sunday evening he received a special blessing from President Taylor (Brett's Mission President) and it was (from what I hear) powerful!

On Monday morning - he said final goodbyes and flew home to Wisconsin.  We hugged and laughed and even joked about cancer.  We ate at (irony coming).... Texas Roadhouse.  We had serious discussions - but we know we are optimistic and we also are well-aware we have a rough few months ahead!!  

 Later that evening, Brett met with the priesthood official here (we call them Stake President) and was officially released as a full-time missionary - but with the provision he can go back when, and if, he can.

I am sooooo overwhelmed (in a good way) of the messages, prayers, tears, and well-wishes... such genuine love and compassion.  Such beautiful friends near and far - and people I've never met, I feel love pouring in.  I've been sharing everything with Brett and he's catching up with everything!  

Tuesday, Brett had his first PET scan while Aunt Lisa and I waited in the waiting room.  We should find out the results later today and find out the stage of the disease.  We know it's serious.

Brett has lost a lot of weight, weighing only 149 at about 6'2"... We figure he's lost about 20 pounds in the last 2 months?  (Although I'm a little jealous of that part.. haha).

After the PET scan - we decided to fatten him up:

We're in great spirits, actually.  We have heard from people that know how serious it is (his physicians in Texas) that they still expect a full recovery.

This blog will continue to chronicle this journey.  So many people love Brett and want to keep up on his progress.  We're hoping to post at least weekly!

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  1. The feelings right now are through the roof happy!! I know that sounds odd but the news from the doctors is amazing! There has been so many prayers and people putting his name in temples the blessings are already happening......