Monday, December 7, 2015


We have been in a great state of bliss... but there is an undercurrent of "what if?"...

What if... there is a stubborn tumor?
What if... there are new tumors?
What if... there is no cancer?
What if... We have to go to more chemo?
What if... He needs a stem-cell transplant?
What if... He needs radiation?

And then we answer those questions...

.... We'll take care of it.  Whatever comes our way - we'll handle it, I'm sure!  But we can't wait to KNOW what we are dealing with!

Brett is able to start shaking hands and giving hugs.  But we're cautiously optimistic... we don't want to get too used to being "normal" if there is more to come.  Some have said it's sort of a PTSD (post-traumatic stress).  

He's doing great.  Brett has been the easiest patient in the world.  So easy-going and full of faith.  I don't think he has any worries, really.  Or just handles them better than about anyone I know!  

He's s eating and tasting everything again.  I made spaghetti and he said, "What did you do differently?  Because this is AMAZING!"  (It was my same spaghetti...)  He's not 100%, but he's getting the lining of his mouth - and tastebuds - back!   He still has a lot of fatigue - and gets wiped out pretty easily, but he's recovering really well and more active every day!  

PET and CT scans are Monday, December 14th.  He has to take 3 doses of Prednisone (steroid) and perscription Benedryl prior to the tests because he breaks out in hives from the contrast (this is a new thing - he hasn't in the past, but did the last time.)

Tuesday, December 15th he goes for labs to check on his blood counts and then we meet with Dr. Fenske (oncologist) to find out all the results!

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