Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 12: Temple, ZoneConf, and Baptism

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Subject: Temple, ZoneConf, and Baptism
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 13:42:49 -0500
From: Brett Hogg 

Hey yall!

This past Tuesday we didn't get to do False Prophecies* because we were at the temple all day as a zone. That was really cool, Elder Finlinson and I went in with some deep doctrines questions, and got a little bit of an answer from the ex-temple president. And while we were there they needed witnesses for baptisms and some people to do confirmations so we got to do that too which was awesome. Then we went to this Mediterranean buffet by the temple that Elder Finlinson loves, it's not my thing but the pita bread and lamb were really good, so I basically had a bunch of gyros lol.
*False Prophesies is where the missionaries in the zone or district get together and determine who is getting transferred or who is staying. Too funny.

Then we went over to Carrollton to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. That was fun. We love spending the night with those guys because they have one of the nicest apartments in the Mission. Their complex has a gym that's super nice, and it's actually fun to go work out over there. They usually have music playing in there too so that doesn't hurt either lol. The only rule with gyms is that we can't go if there's a single person of the opposite sex in there. These guys like it get up at like 5:50 to go, so there's usually no one else in there anyway. The actual exchanges with them were a bit of a flop, all of the appointments cancelled so we didn't even really get to teach.

The following section from Elder Hogg is referring to President Taylor (the president of the Texas Dallas mission - in charge of the 250+ missionaries in that area) being called to another office in the church.  One that is basically an assistant apostle.  Just like how Christ set up his church, there are 12 apostles at the head of the church. These 12 (well 15 if you include the president and his 2 counselors) use the quorum of the seventies to assist in their duties. Here is some personal insight to the process which I think is pretty cool.

Then on Friday we had zone conference which was awesome. President-Elder Taylor pretty much told us the story of being called to be a 70, and then opened it up to questions. He got a call before Christmas from the head-President of the 70, and asked if he was willing to give his life to Christ and the church, he said yes and didn't hear anything for like 2 months, so they kind of just thought he wasn't getting called to anything, but then the exact same day that Elder Anderson came to the mission he got a call from Pres. Eyring's secretary, and eventually got on a Skype call with Pres. Eyring himself where he extended the calling. So he had to sneak out of the mission and hide around Salt Lake, so nobody that recognized him and ask what the heck he was doing outside of his assigned area. 

People that are called to an office are asked to keep it confidential until they are brought up for a sustaining vote at a general meeting. (The same was true for me in my current calling as well.. or even a teacher of Sunday School, etc... it's no different for a high office in the priesthood). The purpose is that they are simply not in that office until the membership gets a chance to sustain (or agree) to the calling. They are not "set apart" or blessed for that calling until the sustaining vote has taken place and is approved.

He did run into some people and he had some family stuff planned out for that weekend, and he basically told his family that he couldn't make it and couldn't say why, and everyone else he told he was called up for some trainings (which is what Elder Anderson told him to say, because he WAS going to some trainings!). His family all kind of figured something was up when they started putting things together, like getting tickets to conference from Elder Anderson (that actually wasn't that weird because Pres. Taylor was his Stake President, so they new each other really well). He also said they told him to take off his Tags, because there's people that try and figure out ahead of time who the new GAs are going to be, and seeing a mission President going to conference is a pretty big clue. Anyway he said it was an awesome experience having meetings with all the apostles and going to the temple with them, and even had a sacrament meeting with all the General Authorities. He also answered questions about area vs. general seventies: area seventies are called for about 6 years and lives at home still, and even still have their normal jobs I think. It sounded like a Stake President's President, from what I understand. General Seventies are called to serve a general area of the world, but can go and have authority anywhere in the world. They basically go and represent and do things on behalf of the apostles when the apostles can't go somewhere. He also has sealing authority, he can do sealings in any temple in the world! 

He also told us the church is selling the mission home in Richardson, and buying a new one in Frisco, which is not very central, and 45 minutes away from the mission office. This seems to give credence to rumors of SPLITTING THE MISSION! Its been the goal for a while now ...  there's talk of splitting it North and South, which would make putting the mission home in Frisco, make sense. I don't think it'll happen anytime real soon, but I think the Church is getting ready for it in the future.

We also had baptism today! That was cool. His name in Noe (pronounced No-e, its spanish for Noah). His family is Honduran. Anyway otherwise, the work has been pretty slow. We'll see how it goes in where ever eles I get sent!! I'm really sad to be leaving honestly, I really like this Branch.

Anyway, I love you guys!
Elder Hogg

P.s. This is the longest i've ever served a mission without getting Cancer! lol

Oh yea! And for Easter, the Adams made us an Awesome brunch!!

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