Monday, May 15, 2017

A Tarantula?

We're not numbering the weeks in the Titles anymore since Brett isn't using them either... I think I"m losing track anyway! haha!!

This email (p-day) was the day after our Mother's Day phone call - so it wasn't a traditional weekly email - but him answering questions that I had forgotten to ask!

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Subject: Re: You are awesome... but you knew that..
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 14:04:26 -0500
From: Brett Hogg 

On May 15, 2017 12:47 PM, "Susan J. Hogg" <> wrote:
Howdy Elder Hogg!!
Okay - I can admit now I had a little anxiety the last couple of days.  Our first Mother's Day call a couple years ago was rough on me... you were SO sick... and emotional... and homesick... Of course you had Stage 3 cancer.  I was anxious.. because I didn't want to see you sad this time.  And you looked SO good! And you sounded great!  And you are strong spiritually and everything!
Anyway - that's why I was emotional... because I was so happy... and wouldn't want you anywhere else in the world right now! 

Yea, a little healthier now haah

I'll send you the BOM Ensign!
I posted your video of your testimony!!  ReBecca Lewis is from down there.  She's in the Mom FB group (she wants to drop off breakfast burritos if she hasn't already).  She posted:

Then Jeyson Senelli posted (he's from the Dominican Republic):

Idk if I'd be able to speak to him to much though, I don't have much skull with islander spanish yet haha

Aww!  And the amount of my non-member friends who have watched and gave it a ♥ love was cool, too!!
So - we are going to read the BOM and mark the Lord references! We are thinking of who to refer to the missionaries!  
Awesome!! Any reference to Jesus Christ, some people are keeping track of all the different names for him too.

Anyway - I know we just talked yesterday... and wishing we could talk about once every 3 months instead of just twice a year!
Tell your companions I said HI!!
Anything else you need besides ties??
Not that I can think of, I did just buy like 5 ties from Goodwill today, so they're not crazy urgent.

Do you have any new pictures???
Us trying to contact a duck thing lol. There's a park near here that has a ton of ducks and (mean) geese, that we like to study at. Also, I forgot I tell you we caught a big giant tarantula! It was just walking across the street. We kept it in a box for a while but decided to set it free instead of keeping it. It was pretty cool.

Love youuu!!!!
Mom (& Dad & Scott... Scott was pretty excited and wanted to soak up every minute - did you notice that?  He's turning into quite a kid!!!!)

Scott's the best. 
Love you guys!!
Elder Hogg

P.s. sorry I still have to gotten mother's day cards out like last time!!

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