Monday, September 4, 2017

Not much new... and Hurricane update

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Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 16:30:47 -0500
From: Brett Hogg 

Hola Fam,

Not a whole lot new this week. This family we've been working with (the one where they own a restaurant and the dad has little drinking temptation, if I've written about them before), well the dad was in the hospital and hes out now and we stopped in and visited and had a spiritual little moment with them and their inactive son was there with his non-member girlfriend. They all felt the spirit and the mom and dad were tearing up. Then the son asked us where God came from (we told him to read Abraham, and Genesis) lol, and his girlfriend asked about temples. We gave her a Book of Mormon and it was a pretty cool experience. 

As far as the Hurricane, it just rained here a little more than usual, but other than that nothing crazy. When it rains here it starts and goes really hard, the  suddenly stops and starts again. Then there was a huge gas panic which was NUTS. People parked around the block at every gas station. Then by the end of the night, and into the next two days, nearly all gastations where out of gas. So that was crazy, all the car missionaries where worried we would have to be on bikes lol. A lot of stations are still out right now. I assumed it was like that everywhere but I guess just north Texas/DFW. You can probably find the news on it, everyone was freaking out. 

Other than all that, not much. We haven't been able to get back with our micro multitude, and the other lady that we taught with Elder Rodriguez his first day pretty much dropped us. We did help our Branch Mission Leader paint some on his house today, and his wife fed us tacos. Otherwise not a whole lot new. 

Sorry this letter is super short!
Elder Hogg

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