Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Today is Chemo treatment #6.  In cancer-speak, that's 3 cycles of chemotherapy.

Brett's attitude is fantastic, as always.  We saw the nurse that did his first chemo (Judy).  She stops to see him each time.  She commented how great he looks and how sick he was at his first treatment.  It helps to hear it from someone because I honestly don't think Brett remembers how sick he used to be.

After treatment, Brett has a few rough days.  Nothing super bad - but loss of appetite and queasiness, and super-fatigued.  Followed by a an upswing of energy and voracious appetite!

The bad news is... he caught a cold.  Normally, nothing to worry about, but it can turn to a bacterial infection pretty easily.  We'll have to be really careful.  Back to wearing masks (he's been a little lax on that).  And even more sanitizer! (We've been excellent at that!).

Overall - things look good.  After the next treatment, he'll get another pulmonary function test and we think in a month, he'll get another PET scan - which makes me equally excited, yet nervous because I don't want them finding anything new.  In the Lymphoma Club - a Facebook group I'm a part of - they call it "Scanxiety" - accurate term!

Here are some fun pictures of today:
Chemo Selfie
The awful "playing dead" pictures he likes to pose for.
Comfy watching TV - although he immediately fell asleep.

You might notice Brett is in a bed this time.  I get the recliner!  No reason for the bed... but I think he's way more comfortable, actually.  (These recliners aren't that great, to be honest.)

I posted a great thing on Facebook that outlines the symptoms of Lymphoma (both for Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's).  Brett had all of these symptoms, except for #9 (since he's never had alcohol. LOL).

The GOOD NEWS:  All of these disease symptoms have gone away.  He does experience loss of appetite and fatigue from chemo treatments, however.  It's hard to explain - but they are different than the Hodgkin's symptoms.

NOTE:  Alcohol Pain refers to pain following alcohol consumption.  It can be chest pain, back pain, etc. after drinking and is often a sign of Lymphoma.

Some have mentioned that these symptoms are really like any other infection or virus - like mono.  They really are... but if I had to pick a couple to really watch for, it's the drenching sweats (usually at night), and the large lymph node(s) that don't go away.

And guess what?!  September is Lymphoma Awareness Month!  So I'll be sporting my violet ribbons on my Facebook page. :)

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