Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Drugs... and the week "off"...

We started to realize the growing group of drugs on the top of the fridge for Brett!  And yes, he has to take Flintstones vitamins.  Even regular vitamins can interfere with chemotherapy -- isn't that crazy?

They aren't all for every day -- most are used for the effects from chemotherapy, or in preparation for chemotherapy (like the lidocaine he puts on his port site).  One day, I went to pick up a prescription - and there was 2 waiting for us... one I didn't even know about.

He does have to take the vitamins, the antibiotic and the antivirus drugs every day.  He'll be on the antivirus and antibiotics for a few months.

Anyway - just an observation!

As for last chemo, Brett slept for the better part of 3 days, and has weathered his cold really well, actually!  He was up and eating normal on Sunday - and even went to church feeling pretty well.  He usually doesn't go to church on the chemo week because he isn't recovered really enough to go by then.  But he was feeling pretty well.  And now this week, he's back to eating (a LOT) and feeling good!  I love the week "off"...

I won't lie.. "Chemo Day" is hard on Mom (me).  When we go in, he's feeling good and we're laughing and chatting.  And by the time we leave, he's glassy-eyed and quiet.  He comes home and goes to bed.  And we watch for the next 3-4 days to see what happens with his mouth, appetite, and lungs.  I also don't like leaving him alone those days in case he needs something (or has some reaction and needs to go in).

Anyway - it's a good week.  Things are going pretty well!  And it's exciting to finally entertain ideas of what the future holds for Brett outside of the short-term and let's-just-get-through-this-week phase.

Just more insight from a lymphoma mom :)

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