Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Phone call at 6am...

This is a Mom post...

I think I have a little PTSD with Brett out on Week 5 this time around.  It was about this far out that Brett was sick and hospitalized the first time.

Tuesday morning... 6am.. my home phone rings.  (Scott was off of school and seminary, so we were sleeping in).  

My heart pounding... I notice the caller ID was a name with a Texas area code. 


It went like this:
me: Hello?  
Unknown man: Is there a Brett Hogg there? (he pronounced it right!) 
me: Um... no.  He's serving a church mission. 
Unknown man: Oh! This is Br. E*****.  He left his wallet in the church building.(laughs) I don't suppose you know the missionaries' phone number? 
me:  That sure sounds like him! haha.. No, I'm afraid I don't have their phone number.
Br. E*****: That's okay - I'll see what I can do for him. 
me: Give him a big hug for me! 
Br. E*****: (laughs)  I'll tell him that his mom says HI!
All is well... but I hope Elder Hogg received his wallet!  (I followed up with an email to Elder Hogg telling him he should put a card with his current information in his wallet... although I don't mind random phone calls from Texas so I can get hugs to my son. haha)

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