Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 6: See ya Pattee! (Elder Pattee is Brett's companion)

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Subject: Week 6: See ya Pattee!
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2017 13:46:36 -0600
From: Brett Hogg 

We got the email and Elder Pattee is out of here! We're waiting for the call to find out where he's going, who with, and who I'm getting. It should be by 5, so I'll let you know the info when we get it. 
Update Email from Elder Hogg later tonight: My new companion is Elder Finlinson! I pick him up from Gilmer tomorrow. Him and Elder P are switching places! Elder Pattee is heading out to Gilmer to be Zone leader. I'll tell you more about everything next week! Love you!! 
This week has been kind of slow, most of our appointments have fallen through. So not much news that way. Sunday was awesome. We had one of our recent baptisms blessing the sacrament, another bare her testimony, and recently reactivated give the closing prayer. And the same guy who blessed the sacrament is coming out with us on Saturday to appointments! It was a pretty good Sunday. 

I did leave my wallet but we were going to be back there the next morning so we didn't worry about it, but we didn't take into account seminary! So we got a call about the same time you did haha. Next time I get cancer I'll be sure to call you from another area code lol.  (Sassy!)

I'm sad I missed all those people that were in the area! It's hard not being able to email or text or call any of them. 

Yes the black Bucks shirt would be awesome! It's cool if Scott wants to wear the flannel. 

Yea my CCM dudes leave, hopefully I can get a picture with the four of them tomorrow before they ship out.

(The 3 elders he was with in the Mexico Missionary Training Center, or Centro de Capacitacion Misional, go home this week.  See THIS POST for pics with them on this blog when Brett went out the first time.  These other elders are done with their mission now; if Brett hadn't gotten sick - he's be coming home this Wednesday.)

Btw!! March 11th!! Jabari Parker bobblehead! I'll pay someone to go get it for me!! Make sure whoever gets it, is there on time, and buys the tickets through the Student Rush ticks thing, aunt Lisa knows about it. 

(Before Brett left - he became a big fan of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team and went to several games. Jabrari Parker is a Mormon and the same age as Brett! He has attended church at our ward several times and classes with Brett. He's sooo tall!  Pretty cool! I had to email him that Jabrari tore his ACL last month - but I think they are still doing his bobblehead night!)

Any I love you guys!

Elder Hogg 

These are 2 pictures from district meeting. The first is us doing "false prophecies", we're we predict who's getting transfered everything. The other is Elder P decided to throw a BBQ because we got 10 investigators to church that Sunday.  

Also we went to a Chinese super market. There's like a strip of building all in Chinese. We got these sandwiches that were super cheap and pretty good. Also they have Buddha Beer and a ton of other weird food. (It appears that the one store is called "What the Pho" - haha)

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