Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 9 (or 10?): A New Roommate (It's actually Week 8)

(It's actually Week 8.)
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Subject: Week 9 (or 10?): A New Roommate
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 14:53:29 -0500
From: Brett Hogg 

Hey fam!

Sorry the emails have been getting shorter, there's just not much new going on! We were a lot busier last transfer with 5 baptisms. This transfer we've been teaching some lessons but nothing to new. 

This week I did go on 2 different exchanges. Elder Finlinson went to the district leader (Elder B)'s area (the district leader tries to go on exchanges with everyone in the district), and Elder W came to our area. Elder W came out the same transfer I did, and is an English missionary. So! 2 greenies and only one of us spanish, took over the Spanish work for the day. It wasn't so bad, my spanish gets better by the day I think. I was able to pretty much conversate with native speaker by myself, so that was awesome.  (I know, I know... he used the word "conversate"... ugh! haha)

Then I had exchanges with a zone leader, Elder C. He was born in Peru but is from Utah. He's super cool, the only problem is he really likes to go hard, working out in the morning. I'm more of a 5 push-ups kind of guy. lol. He grew up speaking spanish at home he knows way more than I do. He was also really handy, because this week we had 2 people finally show up to our English class! They're both members, and the one is taking his citizenship test, so was practicing his pronunciation and stuff. He also liked helping out at the immigration center, he's not a citizen either! He's got his green card but he's going to take his citizenship test when he gets home. It's a lot harder for South Americans to get here illegally. As a general rule, illegals are Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadoreños. Everywhere else you have to take a plane so they pretty much have to be legal haha.

We also had a new guy try to move in! The biggest cockroach I've ever seen I think, was in our sink. We were freaking out because they crawl so fast! It zooped right out and down onto the cupboards and Elder Finlinson got it with a frying pan. 

For comparison, I put a Libro de Mormon next it, and for comparison, a Libro de Mormon with a Book of Mormon (Libros are bigger). Anyway we checked everywhere for a source, but we're pretty sure he was alone.
(I might have to break the news to him that cockroaches are never alone!)

 This is the BIG Nutella from Costco that I sent him. Eww!
Also! We went to a Polish restaurant! It was expensive for some reason but we had a sausage sampler and pierogis! It was pretty darn good! 

If I think of anything else exciting I'll let you know!

Elder Hogg

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