Monday, June 19, 2017

Being a missionary is crazy

Note from Mom... this email made me emotional. The experiences he is having with people in real situations like he's been talking about in the last couple of emails struck me as truly sacred moments... and so real.  I responded that I sure hope he keeps a journal with his feelings and such.  Keep the missionaries (all of them) in your prayers... they are truly doing the work of Christ on earth. 

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 14:41:27 -0500
From: Brett Hogg 

Hola fam!

Just another week of missionaryness. A nonmenber husband of a member here died this week. He was in cardiac arrest, and called us for a blessing and by the time we got there he was dead. We sat with her for a tiny bit and said a prayer for them before we left. (Please note that medical was called as well.) 

I also went on exchanges with Elder Pattee this week! He's in Shady Grove (Irving Spanish branch), just north west of our area. While I was with him the son of a recently reactivated lady called us and wanted us to come over, which is weird because eveytime the missionaries have gone over there he leaves. Well he's pretty heavy into the drogas, and recently got a girl pregnant, who is also on the drogas. When we got there he was puking, going through withdrawals. He had the shakes and everything, he decided he wanted to change. We showed him one of the Addiction Recovery videos and he promised he flushed everything he had and everything he was selling. He also got rid of his pistol, so he didn't anything really stupid and we gave him a blessing. 

I was thinking though, when else in life do you get to be someone's first call when they want to change their life? We've gotten calls from people who want to quit drugs/use a pistol, domestic abuse situations, when someone's about to die, all while barely knowing these people! Being a missionary is crazy. 

This week's crazy spanish fact: Peacock in Spanish is "Pavo Real" meaning "Kingly Turkey" lol

Love y'all,
Elder Hogg

a guy just riding a horse around a relatively rough part of town lol

just a funny clearance bar thing 

Just a South Dallas pool

Elder Flores in his Wisconsin shirt I sent him -Mom

Also! This super cool member in Grand Prairie, Freddie, heard I was back in the mission and came and visited me at church! He visited me in the hospital when I was here last. 

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