Monday, June 26, 2017


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Subject: Borrachos
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 18:41:20 -0500
From: Brett Hogg 

Well this week we set a goal to find at least 7 new investigators each, so 14 as a district (just 2 companionship lol). A new investigator means they've had a lesson (been taught a principle, extended a commitment, said a prayer with them) and have a return appointment. Well we found 14 our companionship alone! Granted all but a couple aren't really solid. 

One of them was this Drunk guy (more than a few for that category actually lol), but he was stumbling down the street and when we talked to him he was crying because his dad died. So we walked him home and talked to him and when we prayed with him he was leaning on me and crying. His brother pulls up in a truck and also seems kind of drunk and starts yelling at his drunk brother and then kind of gets mad of at us, so we leave and it was a crazy experience lol. We weren't sure how much his story was true because he was pretty gone. Anyway, he told us he wants to change his life and all this stuff, it was a pretty neat. 

We also broke out the bikes this week. It was a cool 100°F. All of my clothes were damp by the end of the day, and the cards and planner in chest pocket are ruined, felt good to get home and take a shower. 

We also had our last interviews with President Taylor, it was pretty neat, he gave us a blessing in our interview. It was pretty cool.

Love you guys!
Elder Hogg

I had asked him about meals - he wrote the following.  I share because it shows how people can be. When he says "English" or "Hispanic" - it's the language, not necessarily the race.  

The ward mission leader in the English ward and a lady in the Relief society in the Spanish branch handle our meal calendar. It's a little different with a Spanish unit because meals are a big deal to them and they love feeding missionaries, like we could call them an hour before and tell them we're hungry and they'll make something. 

In the past when the English and the Spanish shared missionaries, there were instances of Hispanics crossing out English peoples names and putting their names on that day instead lol. Usually it's harder to fill a meal calendar in a big, rich, English ward than in a Spanish branch with like 20 active members, all poor. 

About the weather:

It's been in the consistent 90s - 100s this week here lol, It makes me miss Wisconsin. Some members told us the other day that a few years back that Dallas broke the record for most consecutive days over 100 degrees (like 40 days!).

About Eric (Dad):

Tell him I love his pictures! The captions make them haha

Our neighbor is this super cool guy and he's moving so he gave us a freezer full of meat!

Also Freddie, they guy from Grand Prairie who came to visit me, came back out to Oak Cliff and took us out to lunch on saturday!

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