Monday, January 30, 2017

Mission Week 1: Plano

I'll be posting Elder Hogg's emails. I'll be editing out names and other info (since this is a public blog) to protect privacy of others.  If you would like to email or send letters to Elder Hogg, please let me know! You can leave a comment letting me know, as well!  

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~Sue (Mom)

Subject: Mission Week 1, Plano
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 12:49:35 -0600
From: Brett Hogg 

Howdy yall!!

I miss you guys a ton! 

As you already know my companion is Elder P-----. He's from Idaho and has been out for 14 months. He super awesome, really funny and witty, and amazing at spanish. He's perfectly bold and doesn't let anything get in the way of salvation for those that want it.

Plano is awesome. Elder P guesses it's like 5%-10% mormon. Depends on the area though, in rich areas it's higher, because the saints are so blessed. (I can't tell if he's serious or not.. haha.) Our district has five companionships: Plano 2 (us/the Spanish branch, and Elder Pattee is district leader), Plano 5, 7, 10 Elders (English), Plano 4, 6, 8 sisters (English), Plano 3 Sisters (English + Sign Language group), and the Chinese Elders (Plano 1, English ward + Chinese group). The Plano district also covers parts of Frisco and Dallas. 

Because we are the Spanish Elders for the whole district/stake, we cover the whole area, and get a car!! We still go out on foot/bike sometimes to help save miles and such, but we still go over, and just this week they cut our miles down even more (from 1300 a month to 1000 a month)! The Chinese Elders (Elder L and Elder L, from Beijing and Taiwan) technically cover the whole mission so they have a car too, and the English/Sign Language sisters technically cover the mission as well, and they just got a car this week (the reason our miles got cut down).

Elder P has been here for going on 4 transfers and says that Plano is the hardest area he's had so far (he was trained in Grand Prairie by Elder E-B!).
NOTE: Elder E-B is one of the ones that Brett was with at the MTC and picked him up from the airport this time!
I didnt see you when i was taking off, but i was looking! When I got to the airport and saw the guys that was awesome they shouted "Hogg!!" And ran to me. It was unreal seeing those guys again, they're APs (assistants to the president) now, and I haven't seen Elder M yet, but I talked to him on the phone and that was awesome. He's a zone leader now out somewhere. 

You're right, our apartment is way nicer, That being said it's still not that great lol. I guess the mission had the apartment empty for several months before Elder P got there last transfer (from a super nice apartment here in Plano). The missionaries that were there last didn't do a good job of emptying everything nicely because I guess there was mold everywhere, all over the walls, doors, carpet. They spent a day and a half scrubbing it and it looks like fine to me, except the carpet needs to be steam cleaned, it's covered in dark mold splotches all over, and the bathroom door is warped/coming apart, so it doesn't close, and there's no fan in there either, so no ventilation, which means it stays wet in there for a long time. Also only a couple of the outlets work. But really I can't complain, compared to the situation of some of the people down here. I can't really tell you about it all but a ton of immigration and marriage problems. Some really sad situations with kids, and domestic problems.

I will say this though, Latinos love to feed us. They'll give you as much as you're willing to eat at a dinner appointment. One weird thing though is that the mom usually cooks and then keeps cooking or kind of hangs around while everyone else eats at the table and eats after everyone else. Also they keep their houses dark and warm, and that makes it really hard to stay awake sometimes when we're visiting haha.

It's awesome to here about everything going on at home. At most schools you don't wrestle varsity  until your senior year, junior year if you're lucky, but Scott's a stud, he'll be varsity in no time. Hope you get some time off after W2 week is over. And that's cool everyone was there, aunt Carrie and Bethany and the girls. I definitely want it see pictures of the stuff dad's working on, everyone here thinks he has a really cool job.

I haven't seen Steve yet, unfortunately  he's on the other side of Dallas, but eventually  I'll get over to him. If you ever have a package coming my way, send some cheese curds or something for Elder P lol.

If i think of anything else I'll try to send another, I'll also be sending pictures once I get a couple. Also tell the ward and everyone else that I miss them.

Love you guys!
Elder Hogg

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