Friday, January 27, 2017

Texas Dallas Missionary FaceBook Post!!!

The Mission President and his wife, Sister Taylor, have a Facebook Page where they post pictures of the incoming missionaries (and many other things, too).  Here is the special post they did for Elder Brett Hogg!  (See below the post for more details on the pictures.)

These two Elders begged President to pick up Elder Hogg at the airport. The three of them arrived together in the same group almost 2 years ago. They were with each other in the Mexico MTC. These two LOVE Elder Hogg and could hardly contain their excitement when they found out he was returning!!
MTC = Missionary Training Center
NOTE FROM MOM: Elder Hogg must have been THRILLED... he wasn't sure who would pick him up since he wasn't coming with a group from an MTC.  This is so cool!

Elder Hogg with his Trainer (Elder P)

The other pictures were from when he was in the hospital before he had to leave the first time... including one with the Mission President! The missionaries that stayed with him in the hospital have all returned home and Brett had been emailing with him.  He was hoping to see some of them, as well... and just might if they return to Dallas for a visit during Elder Hogg's mission!  Or maybe visits to their home states after he is finished?

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