Saturday, January 21, 2017

Returning to Missionary Service!

It's time to fire up the blog!
Brett has returned to missionary service!!

Since chemo ended and declared cancer-free, Brett took a couple of months to rest, recuperate and begin tasting food again!  We enjoyed going back out to dinner, or not worrying as much about germs.

In early Spring 2016, Brett was hired at Discovery World helping kids with the exhibits, having a lot of fun!  He worked that for most of the summer months, but later had to quit so he could pick up more hours at his 2nd job, which paid more...

Related imageHe was hired at the same time at Miller Time Pub & Grill as a host.  It's a restaurant at the Milwaukee Hilton in downtown Milwaukee.  Good pay and a fun place to work and they loved him, too!

So then he worked a lot of hours and still enjoyed Sundays off for church (something he was able to negotiate when he was hired at both jobs!) and spent time with friends.

Also - he was able to travel with Dante to go visit his mission in Quebec/Ontario areas!  They had a great car trip and enjoyed the different areas and people.  They had a blast.

He also did another car trip with another group of friends and they visited Duke University and a lot of Southern sites.

So after a lot of working - and some travel - he concentrated on health, working and returning to missionary service.  He had to go through more doctor's appointments and labs and paperwork... and soon he was able to get cleared to go!

It took a little bit of coordinating and having to give notice at work, but he finally got his flight arrangements back to Texas!  We pulled up packing lists and he purchased new pants and some other things he needed... but it didn't seem real... it just didn't seem like he was leaving again.

Reality hit us....

My next post is the farewell talk/party and the airport!

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