Sunday, April 26, 2015

Departure and Pictures

[Brett flies to Texas on Monday, April 27th!  He sent a quick couple of emails.. and a lot more pictures.  My sister, Carrie, and I have been sending packages through the two package companies in Mexico.  This week we thought they would want to celebrate their last week at the CCM with Krispie Kremes and Sparkling Cider.  -Sue]

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Subject: Departure stuff
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 08:08:56 -0500
From: Brett Hogg <>

So we meet at reception at 4:00 am leave and go to the airport. We fly out at 6:15 am and get to Houston at 8:35 am. Then I have 2 hour layover in which I might call. 

Were not sure if were supposed to be emailing today (we keep hearing different stuff) so this is provably all you might get. Ill probably reply later if you do. And I might reply to a couple emails right now lol.

Elder Hogg <3

[I sent a quick email with a lot of short comments/questions - and asked if he was sneaking email. He sent the following email.]

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Subject: Pics
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 20:50:59 -0500
From: Brett Hogg <>

I shared another dropbox folder with you. Most are just random ones from around the classroom. 

[The rest of this email was the descriptions of the photos he sent.  I put those with the pics below.]

Not sneaking, we can email right now, but the teachers are watching us pretty close to make sure were not sneaking onto other sites. lol
Elder Hogg


"Got all the stuff and asked the comedor (cafeteria) people if they could hold onto it for us. We did the same thing with the Milk. The oreos were a full thing and they were delicious! Everybody had some. Everyone is very excited for the sparkling stuff and everyone loved the doughnuts! They all think youre the coolest mom and aunt ever!! Tomorrow after dinner were going to pop open the stuff we decided."

I sent cookies and milk to read with one of his letters last week. Funny kid...

The teacher I have a picture there with is Hermano Ortiz. 
Hes the only teacher weve had from the beginning to the end here

The one of the candy is a thing a teacher brought for us, its like
a reeses cup but a little different. I cant put my finger on it.
The back of my usher tag. Anyone that was an usher signs it before they pass it on to the new one.
They got new ones but were going to still try and pass them down. 

One is of the desk in our room with all the gift bags you guys sent.
Me enjoying the canada dry Aunt Carrie sent me feeling like Mad Men
(ive never really seen it but I bet they look like that). 
We had a Play/Demonstration and the numbers they used were 414 numbers!! 
At first I didnt think anything of it, then I remembered I was in Mexico! 
[Our phone/area code is 414 in Milwaukee.]

One one sitting alone looking down is Hermana S one of teachers and our first "investigator"
(the one that Elder E-B got really mad about being fake). 
One if of our night stand. I had the camera out so I thought why not lol.
Celebration Krispie Kremes with his fellow/sister missionaries!

Just a couple donuts left!

Apparently a close-up of a donut!  Brett is taking donut selfies while
the others appear to be working.. Hmm....
Random pictures

Not sure what Elder E-B is doing with that table?
He seems like a character!

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