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Semana Tres (Week Three)

I got the pictures and notes in several emails.  I combined them all here so it makes more sense.  To view bigger versions of the pictures, just click on it and it creates like a slideshow of all the pictures in this post! My comments are always in BLUE. Reminder that he can't find the apostrophe on the Mexican keyboards. haha  -Sue

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Subject: Week Tres
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 14:09:43 -0500
From: Brett Hogg <>
To: Susan J. Hogg <>

Well We just got back from the Temple! Its still closed but they have a really cool Visitor Center we got to walk around and tour. It was also nice to just be able to leave the CCM. By the way the Temple is just like the CCM, a little oaisis in the middle of a dirty, busy city. Pictures to follow!

The Mexico City Temple is the largest temple outside of the US
and only one of 5 that have Moroni holding the plates.
Brett's District/Zone (I'm still learning the difference.)
Elder M and Brett
This is the Visitor's Center.

Thank you so much for the packages!!! They are awesome! I honestly didnt think I was going to get anything! How expensive is that?? Dont send anymore if its expensive! The Snacks and stuff are awesome though. Thanks for the Doritos Mom! I heard they tasted different here and wanted to try them. They do! Theyve got a hint of chili-spicynes to them. 
Mom´s package (with the awesome notes in the eggs) <3
Aunt Carries Package <3
Note: He already apparently tore into the SweeTarts. haha
In other news my teachers were telling me I needed a haircut. The other Elders did it themselves or had another Elder do it, and it always looks good, but the little rules thing for the CCM said you can only get your haircut at the CCM barbershop. I decided to try and be obedient this time and got my haircut there. I thought she was done and didnt think it was too bad. Then she pulled out another tool and kept going. I thought "I can work with this" but then she took out another thing and kept going. Long story short, I am bald now.   

(Anyone that knows Brett... this is a big deal for him.  His hair has been another character in our house for years.  Long and short.. it's always quite a thing! haha)

Before Haircut


Look at his face!  ☺

I told him... it looks good!  It'll grow back... He just looks like he's 10 years old again!
Something funny is that all the Latino Elders think my name means "Hug" so they always ask me about it, hug me or call me "Elder Abrazo" lol.

Oh yea, General Conference! It was good, we watched it in english. I liked Sunday's sessions the most probably. I started taking notes but I figured I would just buy the conference edition of the Ensign when it comes out and just focus on listening. 
My view for conference on Sunday
(we got to watch Music In The Spoken Word, but not the inbetween stuff)
(Those look like comfy chairs)
After on sunday we still had devotional. It was Elder Holland and it was a classic Elder Holland talk. He ramped himself up to full on bulldog (we always say he looks like a bulldog when he gets mad) with his passion for missionary work and his love of christ. He talked about how much the old way of missionary work didnt work nd didnt take care of people. He said Hinkley came in and said we gotta change this thing (and his son was on the stand with him, and he is a spitting image of Hinkley, we all thought it was him at first). He ended it by talking about the story of the apostles going back to fish after jesus died and how Jesus asked "Peter do you love me?" "Then Feed. My. Sheep" (periods added by Holland lol).

Sue: Awesome talk.  I just listened to it... SO GOOD!  
Here is the video:

The other cool thing this week was teaching our "investigators." The one is our teacher but his profile is actually him before he joined the church. Hes been a tough egg to crack, always asking hard questions about us v.s. other religions and stuff. This week he asked we he shouldnt just get baptized when hes old, so he can keep doing the things he likes now. Grandpa Westerhoffs conversion popped into my head, gave him a quick rundown of it, felt the spirit and BAM, he said he would be baptized. The Hermanas that also teach him were way surprised (well so were we) because hes been way hard and saying he just wants to learn about religions. So that was cool. Our other investigator on the other hand is a addicted to the "drogas" and alcohol and is most likely pregnant. So thats a doozy. (these are real people by the way, theyre just played by the missionaries who taught or are related to them aka our teachers)

That activity at church looked awesome! Wish I was there! (See the blog post earlier today to see the Good Friday activity we had at church!  It was awesome.)

Bummer about Wisconsin, didnt even know they made the finals!

Santiago Sainz is one of the teachers here. Hes going to BYU-I soon! We were all offering him things so that we didnt have to go to the computer spanish class. (This is about the picture I posted on Facebook that I received from a teacher.  I also included it in a post... check the post April 6th in this blog.)

Miss those cats. Oh and scott too I guess... just kidding! Looks like you guys are doing and getting all the fun stuff with out me, as usual lol.  (I had emailed him a bunch of pictures of Scott and cats - and told him about ordering our new furniture.)

Well thats about everything for this week! Love yall!

OH!!! Our zone is being dissolved (because were the only district in it right now) and were joining another one. Their P-Day is on Tuesday, so thats when ill email next!!

Love you muchos!!! <3 <3 <3

More pictures from the road trip to the Temple and Visitor's Center:

One email subject was Cucaracha (Cockroach):
Found this lil guy (actually he was huge)
Immediately after stading up from taking that first picture, one of the Mexican worker guys was standing behind me and said "Good?" I said yea, then he immediately smashed it.
Dead cucaracha part 2 (literally lol)
Up to you if you want to put these on the blog lol.

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  1. I am so incredibly happy to see this whole letter and awesome pictures! What really made me happy (and crying) was when he talked about our Dad's conversion story. I know Dad is with him. I knew it from when he was set apart for his mission. It was as real as Sue, Eric, and Scotty were sitting there. I was just overcome with emotion. To see his influence on Brett's mission is just one more reason to put down why I love and know this church is true.

    The packages are actually not expensive and I would have paid more just to have the experience of sending him something and having a letter printed out for him and given the next day! I will be shelling out a few $ so they will print out some pics for him. It's only $1.00 a picture so I will choose a few for him to have to show others.

    He's right he is bald!!! But then again being he looks just like my Dad he just sped up the balding by a few decades. :)

    Again an amazing spiritual lift that is always appreciated and incredible,