Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Walk with Christ

This is a letter from me to Brett.  I put it as one of the posts here to share it - and also so you can understand Brett's email response.  (I send him like 3-4 emails a week... but sent this one separate on Friday evening.)  

KUDOS to our Primary Presidency who did a wonderful job planning this event! 

Hola Bretto!

How are things in Mexico?! 

We were wondering how General Conference was there?  Did you watch in Spanish? English? 

We watched most of it - but missed most of Saturday so we have to watch those sessions.  I was thinking of taking 1-2 conference talks every week and watching them together on Sunday or or something!  Then we'd get them all in and pay attention to that one talk for that week. 

So,... I'll send another email - but this one is about the activity we had at church called "Walk with Christ" put on by the Primary.  It was so awesome.  It was for adults and kids - not just kids.

We had groups go from room to room and a person would read the corresponding scriptures in that room for the major events leading to the resurrection.   Here are the pictures we took:

The Last Supper:
(notice the bigger chair representing Christ.   

The Garden of Gethsemane:

The judgment 
(and included chairs to represent those judging Christ):

A real crown of thorns
(Connie S. made it!)

The cross.. (hammer and nails on table).   
Kathy G. made the cross!!!

The Tomb 
(this was the room I talked in)...
Scott and Bryce moved the "stone" and the group would enter:

When the group stepped out - the boys moved the "stone" back in place.
My scripture was Mathew 27:55-66.

Then they went into the Overflow and watched the
"He Lives" video
 (I'm sure you've seen that!!  SO good!)

See the video here:
(only 2:26 minutes)

It was a good turn-out.  It was held during the early afternoon (kids were off of school for the beginning of Spring Break).  It was actually really simple and really spiritual!!

Then we all met in the gym for desserts and the kids got to go around and do an Easter Egg hunt before going home.

Anyway - it was pretty awesome.  And a few who were inactive came, too!!!

More later...

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