Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 4 - Same Same Same

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Subject: Week 4!!
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 10:06:16 -0500
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So the past week was pretty blah. More same same same. 

We started a new schedule this week and were still trying to get used to it. Our district even had to move to a new classroom in a new building. We didnt want to move all of our stuff and the new classroom had worse desks in it. So at 9:00pm we rolled our desks (loudly) across to the new building, with all of our stuff still on them, and set the room up like we had it in the old building, and carried the desks that were there to our old classroom. The next day our teacher told us we have to put them back or get permission from the buildings people. We'll get around to that. [I emailed back and told him he shouldn't listen to me... I say sometimes it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.  I told him that may not be appropriate on a mission! haha]

The old Classroom (the one we moved out of). Its kind of a mess in this picture lol 
Ill get picks of the new classroom soon.

And Thank you to Aunt Carrie for another package!!!!!!!!!!! The caramel corn was delicious!

We had this thing called TRC, which we think stands for Tactical Retreat Creep. Not really but we have no idea what it means. But what it IS, is we get to teach real members who come in and volunteer. Its a lot harder because they already know pretty much everything because theyre members. But we got to talk to a lady that we learned was going through a divorce and trying to raise her kids. We talked to her and shared a scripture and such and I really felt the spirit.

Elder Martin with his Usher tag. Also I figured out how
to do this cool effect on my camera.
We also became the new ushers! Every time we have a devotional or something, its in the Gordon B Hinckley auditorium. Oh yea, all the buildings here are named after prophets, its pretty cool. We had class in the Lorenzo Snow building, but got moved to the Joseph Fielding Smith building. Anyways, they always have elders there to shake peoples hands and make sure everyone sits close to the front. Well the elders that have been doing it left and they chose our district and another district to be the new ushers. Not big news but not much new happens around here lol.

We watched another great devotional by Elder Bednar. I guess the MTC devotionals aren't supposed to be used outside of the MTC so I cant get a copy, and Im surprised you found the Holland one! He talked about being a Preach My Gospel missionary. Hes a good speaker.

Click HERE to go to the talk.  It's right on the LDS website.
No video is available that I could find.

We also got to watch the movie "The Testaments." You may have already seen it. Its about a kid in Central America during the time Jesus was in Jerusalem. He loses faith, Zarahemla is destroyed. You know, the usual. Its pretty good.

Watch the movie here.  It's on YouTube.
(I haven't seen it yet.)

Eveything sounds good over there, wish I was with you guys! The fireside sounds like a cool idea. [We had a member missionary fireside at church on Sunday evening and it was really good.  I told Brett about it and told him some highlights in case it's something he wants to use in the future.]

[Warning:  Politics ahead.  It's Brett's passion.  Not just the people or parties; but the process.  He said it's one of the toughest things is that he will be missing a presidential race.]  Oh man im so sad im missing SNL this year. And I dont know how I feel about Walker gaining so much ground this early. I feel like early favorites peter out. BUT hes a strong enough candidate that I think he could pull it through. My second pick would be Rand Paul, mostly because hes like a less radical version of his dad (who I like). Then Rubio. Not a fan of Huckabee or Santorum. I like Carson but I dont know how far hell go without any real executive or congressional experience. Also I think bush would be Alright. Of the Dems, Warren and Biden are the only ones, besides Hilary, that Ive heard of and theyre not running, So I dont really see anyone beating Clinton in the primaries. Dont think shell win though. Thanks for the update, theres no politics here!! Even outside the walls, we been told stories about how crazy corrupt the government is here. Maybe next time ill type up the stuff our teachers tell us.

[I sent him the facebook post about Lisa C getting engaged.] And wow! Congrats Sis. Capps!! Everytime you email me someone else is engaged!!

I think his [Grandpa Westerhoff's] (and yours maybe?) story will be really cool tool to use out in the field.

Im getting really excited to get to Dallas. Once im there I dont know if Ill be as excited, but the idea of it is getting me pumped. OH!! We have a 2 hour layover in Houston, and I think we can make calls home! I dont know how payphones or calling cards and all that works (I was but a wee lad when they went out of style) so let me know the best way to call you from there would be!!

Oh btw, the whole organization thing here (districts, zones, etc) goes companionship (2 or 3 Elders or Hermans) => district (usually 4 companionships) => Zone (usually 3 or 4 districts). In the mission I think it might be a little different. So we were District 16B (zone 16, District B), now were 14B, so we really changed zones. Ive heard when this place first opened up they had every bed filled. The highest district mailbox is like 25E, so I assume thats how many Zones/districts they had. I dont know what it is now, but I here were pretty below capacity.

I pet a cat/animal for the first time in 4 weeks lol. Theres a cat that comes out at night around here, were fairly certain its owned by one of the people who live here (the MTC President, his councilors, the MTC Director, someone like that). This is one of our teachers petting it.

And no more pictures really :/ not much picture worthy. Ill definitely take more this week. More of the grounds and such.

Hola dad! Its really weird not being there with you guys. It doesnt really feel like its going to be for 2 years!

Well I gotta go!
Love yall
Elder Hogg

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  1. Oh cool he liked the package! I sent a bag of caramel corn with a ginger ale to have when he read my 6 page letter!! I included a really cool article on the Moroni statue that is really cool :https://www.lds.org/new-era/2009/11/looking-up-to-moroni?lang=eng&query=looking+up+to+Moroni
    I also included a bit more on the original sculptor. I will do the same this week maybe a couple of printed out ones. Then I am going to send some pictures for the Missionary Package people to print out to show at the mission when he gets there. Next week Sue and I are sending him some sparkling cider that comes with 6 champagne flutes :) A fitting congrats for leaving the MTC for his mission (April 27 only 12 days away!).
    So happy he's doing so great of course we knew he would. He's Brett Danger Hogg!!