Monday, May 25, 2015

"I don't want you to freak out..."

I labeled this "I don't want you to freak out" because that seems to be everyone's first words when they talk to a mom who's son is in the hospital 1,000 miles away (or likely any miles away).  

Tomorrow we will know more.  We'll keep you all posted.  We have had such an outpouring of love from the members, the mission, the elders/sisters serving there... it's just amazing.

The email is below is edited a bit... we'll share more as we know more.  Thanks again for everything!! 

As Usual - my comments are in blue.  

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Subject: Re: Hospital?!
Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 09:56:44 -0700
From: Brett Hogg <>


Im emailing from the TV in my Hospital room! Its got an internet browser on it and we requested a keyboard. Its kind of hard to do and spellcheck doesnt work, so sorry about the spelling. And I cant send pictures at the moment.

Now for the Hospital story... 
So I caught a cold the other week and my cough (the same one Ive had for a while) got a little worse so after a while Elder H made me call the Mission nurse. 
[This is basically where he gave me some specifics of tests done and results, etc.  He was checked by the nurse and eventually admitted to the hospital.]
The test also showed I had a respitory virus (a cold) so everyones gotta wear masks when they come in my room (which nobody does). [More info about tests to be done tomorrow was edited here.] but just in case they put me in an "Isolation room." Which basically means theres a double door and people still have to were masks (which isnt always a rule followed anyway), so I dont really see the point. Now, I dont want you to freak out, but [more info about tests]. I dont think you guys need to worry. By the way, I have told them about Mexico and Mono and everything.

I feel so silly sitting in this bed because I dont really feel all that sick (they said I have a bit of a fever). Elder H stayed with my the night before and through the day. Yesterday they did exchanges so he could go out/ get stuff from the apt., so Elder L was with me yesterday and last night. Today the district is coming to play a board game we've all been wanting to play (Settlers of Cattan, Its big amongst mormons. I played it at the Hauses many a year ago). Yesterday the R family (only the dad is a member, and ward misssion leader, and the nicest guy in the world) came by with the Elders. I guess that Steve guy you heard about might come visit too. [He did!  See his picture below... this is a guy on the mission "mom" facebook page that heard he was in the hospital and went to go visit him and took the pictures below.  SO SWEET!  The members there are the BEST!]

And yep I got Miss Diane's note! It was nice to hear from her, it felt like home. Shes amazing. And Milwaukee looks amazing, I miss it.

Oh man! I hope aunt Carrie is doing alright!! I got an email from her with her x-rays. I havent read the email yet but the x-rays dont look fun. Wishing her the best.  [My sister also broke her leg yesterday - in 2 places!]

I'll probably check my email more through out the day to repond and stuff.

Elder Hogg (cant make a heart on this keyboard)

I gave him some picture assignments - before he was in the hospital.  Then I added to it and told him to take pictures in the hospital.  He said:
Will do! and of course Ive got pictures in the Hospital! Elder Larkin and I are taking selfies right now!

Brother Steve V. went to visit Brett and took pictures.  It was the nicest thing ever!!  A kid he never met!  The members there are beyond amazing - that is for sure!
Elder L pretending to operate on Brett...
Looks like he made it through his "surgery" okay!  haha!!

More this week, I'm sure.... Thank you again for all your prayers and messages of support!  You can't EVEN imagine how much that means to us!!!  Love, Sue

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  1. Oh how I was in tears when I thought of him in the hospital so far away! These pictures from the TDMM members were needed to quell those fears and thoughts of how my sister is dealing with all of this! Much love and prayers!!