Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Pictures from Mexico & CCM

Brett sent a lot of pictures from Mexico.  I'll post those first - and then his most recent letter!  My captions will be in BLUE... if Brett gave me a caption, it's in black. You can see the picture larger by clicking on the them. :) ~Sue

I received this picture from an instructor.  All matching!
Instructors with the Districts
Hermano (Brother) Sainz

  Hermana (Sister) Soucedo

Hermano (Brother) Romero

Hermanas (Sisters) built a fort lol.

All the elders who were leaving

Pictures from around the CCM (Mexico MTC Campus)

I get the feeling Brett is going to miss his B mountain
(no doubt thinking that B is for Brett)

The districts that are leaving the CCM.

Mexico City Airport from the plane flying over Mexico city

Houston also has a PlaneTrain

Finally in the USA!


 Houston Airport from the sky

Off to Dallas

Dallas is so green!!

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