Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype!!

We had a Skype session with Brett today!!!! 
Wow - it was amazing to see him. 

  • Lots of cockroaches in that area (we don't have many in most areas of Wisconsin - so that's new). None in his apartment - so that's good!
  • He's getting used to the bike. The storms have come mostly at night - so he hasn't had to bike in the rain yet! It's super humid there. 
  • The not-great grocery store they go to is really their only shopping.  They can get a ride to Walmart (several miles away) every 2-3 weeks from what I understand?!  
  • He's been working and studying a LOT. 
  • He has an awesome trainer/companion. 
  • He loves his ward and members (it's a Spanish Ward). He understands most everything - but still learning the language (of course). 
  • The members there are amazing... the woman whose house they were in said she considers them her adoptive sons... Warms a mom's heart - that's for sure!
  •  He's got a head cold, and a little homesick... so it was good he could talk to us. We had a group hug (that's the close-up). 
  • He VERY MUCH looks forward to emails and would love to hear from anyone/everyone!! 

 Also - if you want to send goodies/package - just let me know and I'll get his address to you!!!


Pictures of Brett; Group Hug with us; Elder H (his trainer/companion); Sister Norma who shares her home and feed all her missionaries every Sunday!  

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