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Subject: 2 MONTHS!
Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 14:13:12 -0500
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Just some updates!

Its starting to get hot, and I'm already starting to tell I wont like biking in a tie and dress pants/shoes under this Texas sun.

Its not set in stone, but next transfer we've predicted that they are combining ours and the other Elders in the district's areas and I'll have Elder L as a companion (one of the other Elders), so they'll have an Elder from each area, and our companions will be transferred out. If that happens we might get a car, and Ill move into the other Elders' apartment, which is way better!

Elder L originally served in Lima, Peru. He served there for several months before catching Yellow Fever, and having to go home for 8 months and afterwards was reassigned to Dallas, Texas. So it's fun to listen to his stories about how different Peru is. Did you know the Catholic church down there (and I've heard here some places here) CHARGES for baptism?! Like, isn't that like the definition of Priest-craft or something, and just, like, SO wrong??? So most people down there cant afford to be baptized, so when we ask them they jump on it (until they learn of the actual commitment that it is lol).
(Just a note: The LDS church doesn't charge members for any services or ordinances, and the clergy are all volunteers.  It refers to the many instances in the Bible - and Book of Mormon - where those who were doing the Lord's work turned down money and those who charged for their services were said to be involved in "priestcraft".  Please know - we are not judgmental of paid clergy - but just VERY different for Brett to hear about this happening when he grew up that his bishops and priesthood leaders were not paid. He knows that Priests are paid in the Catholic church - but I guess he didn't realize that many charge for services and ordinances, such as baptisms. See THIS LINK.)
We wind up talking to a lot of English speaking people that are awesome totally prepared and we want to teach, but we have to refer them over to the English missionaries. Its kind of weird, because the they'll speak Spanish mostly but their kids only really know English, so the parents want their kids to listen so we teach them in English (usually if the parents know English. If they ONLY know Spanish then WE teach them, its kind of confusing).

As far as food goes, its not bad. Nothing I haven't been able to eat. Only I did try "Chicharron," tacos which is like pork rinds (or skin), but like cooked. I dont know really what it tasted like because all I could think of while eating it is "I'm eating skin." I didn't ask for anymore needless to say. Otherwise nothing really worth writing home about. Hermana M makes my favorite dinners but they're usually pretty simple (homemade salsa and guacamole on grilled chicken (in a tortilla of course)).
Its also kind of cool to see the mix of Hispanics here. Most are Mexican but we also run into a lot of people from Salvador and Honduras. Also a Cuban lady once. My companion says the Salvadorians have the clearest accents, but it all just sounds like Spanish to me right now. lol.

We have one family that's probably progressing the most right now (we just set baptismal dates (which is harder here because the Bishop kind of tells us when we can do that (which I dont think he has the power to do but hes just trying to make sure we're not creating inactives, so we get it))). The parents have been members (but inactive) for a long time. The kids are who we set baptismal dates with. The mom is super nice and has an awesome heart, but struggles with some health problems and smoking. The dad we get to see and talk to less (because he works all the time), but we think he has some stuff to straighten out before being completely active again (including actually coming to church (he drops his kids and wife before having to go to work)). But I love 'em. the only thing is their house in crawling with cockroaches. (not Large size, but Small and Medium size). I don't really like teaching there but it's not about me!

There's also a problem here with stray dogs (or I think some of them have owners, but they just let them wonder everywhere) and some cats. I want to pet them but I don't want fleas or something lol. Last Tuesday we had district meeting and on the way there we had this Pitbull following us the whole way, he was super friendly and I think we wound up calling him Jeffery. (Why Jeffery?) He obviously had an owner because he had a collar and when it slipped off once, he stood there with his nose in the air to put it back on. Everyone fell in love with him (I thought he was alright, he hit my face with his and got slobber all over me, so I wasn't his biggest fan after that) but we called animal control and they came and got him.

We also when to this place called Braum's (I think that's how you spell it). Its like a fast food place that's also like an ice cream shop, but also has a tiny grocery store inside (in which you can buy their ice cream and other foods). It was kind of weird. The food was pretty good, but I got to say, they have nothing on Culver's or anything else back there in the Dairy State as far as ice cream.

I also helped give a blessing to a 2 year old who had some type of blood disease/cancer. Its was sad because she was crying after having to take some medicine and then we took out the oil and she started to cry again because she thought it was more medicine, but once we started the blessing, she calmed right down.

Well thats about it for this week! Still in the Lord's work!
Elder Hogg

AND MORE comments in emails which respond to some of my questions:

AHH!! Thank you so much for the package!! Is there a way to make someone sign for it? It just makes me nervous that they just drop it by the door! You probably shouldnt send anymore gummy worms, we eat them far too fast. (Note: Send more sour gummy worms!) The alarm clock is awesome, and the moccasins are great for around the apartment. I dont think new ones are needed right now, thank you though!!

The Princess Ball looks great!! Every year I cant believe how far you guys go, especially with those cupcakes!! Tell the rest of your  presidency it looks awesome!! I miss Ms. Diane. Im glad shes doing awesome. Ill try to email Adrienne, shes so close! I say go for it.

Glad to see Town Hall's doing well (told him about our new cloud server) and the glasses look great!!! (I sent him pictures of my new glasses.)

Also I sent you a letter, I dont know if you got it yet but there was a typo. It should say 22 months not 20, in the last paragraph.

Alright, well I think our time is up here at the library (oh, and on Memorial day, we'll go to a member's house). Love you and see you next week!!!
Brett <3 <3 <3


 BUT... I got a letter.  I'll share it here (click to see larger):
Pretty special and personal - but if you are reading this blog - you are on the journey with us!

 Also - if you want to send goodies/package - just let me know and I'll get his address to you!!!

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