Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brett and his 3 White Blood Cells...

Blood tests online are a weird thing.  If you don't have much medical background - they have no context.  I have some idea (having worked on medical manuscripts for bone marrow transplant research and hematology in my past life), but still not totally understanding.  The good thing is we have a great doctor and nurses - and we also have our friend, Google.

Anyway - we thought we'd share just a few of Brett's blood test results (from 8/15).  The good thing, is that it gives the normal range.  But they don't tell you if you should panic or not.  Our doctor says not to panic... so we'll listen to him. haha

We know that Brett doesn't literally have 3 (or 2.5) white blood cells.. but it makes us giggle everytime we say it.  It's more like 2,500 per microliter (when he should have at least 4,500).

Click on this to see the whole thing.
Click on this to see the whole thing.

Use your hand sanitizer, my friends!  Brett can't handle any extra germs,  His 3 white blood cells have a lot to do and fighting infection isn't one of them right now.  haha

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