Monday, July 27, 2015

Hair today... Gone tomorrow!

It's time... Brett was ready to finally do the big shave!   He gathered a few friends and went over to someone's house and they had a little shave party!

This is Brett's friend who he went to school with. She became a stylist and has been cutting Brett's hair ever since.  Of course she should do the honors!  (By the way - what 20-year-old guy wouldn't want his hair cut by her?  She's adorable.)

They were having fun - but Brett wanted to keep the "old man" look.  He reminded me of my Dad!  Luckily - his friends convinced him to keep going....
So tough... haha

All done!  And cheesy grin to go with it!

My niece said he looks like Calliou (from a kids' PBS show).  He does!
My friends Donna and Lisa L. both thought he looked like Ron Howard.  I can see that!

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