Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chemo #3! (9 more to go)

It's Chemo Day again!

We packed up and we were off!  First, of course, is the lab.  It's the first time they would be putting the catheter into the chest, rather than the arm.

Brett went in and got a little light-headed.  They had to go in through his new incision (OW!) and once that was done, he could taste and smell the saline.  I think it caught him off-guard.

He sat for a bit and we went up to the Grace Clinic to see the doctor/nurse practitioner.  The nurse ordered a cream/lidocaine he can put on prior to chemo in the future to numb that area.  But he was much better already.

In checking his neck - they noticed that many of his tumors had come WAY down already.  He had a 6-7cm tumor in his neck (he actually has hundreds of tumors - but these were the most easily measurable.  It had already shrunk to less than about 2cm.  Very good news!

Then we were off to chemo on the 3rd Floor.  It was quiet - but chemo his him harder and faster than before.  He was already glassy-eyed by the time he was on his last drug.  I was a little concerned - and emotional later because there isn't much I can do for him.

Showing off the catheter that was in his new port!

Early on in the treatment and he's on his laptop. :)

Brett said... "Hmm... well, I have CANCER?!"  Can you think of a stupider (is that a word?) question for a cancer patient?

The doctor later told us that all the patients that are answering it have cancer - so it should be otherwise feeling.... But we made him laugh! :)  hahaha
He came home and went right to bed.  He was OUT cold and that's okay.  Sleep is good - well, until I have to wake him up so he can eat and drink!

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