Monday, July 13, 2015

Medi-Port Time!

Today was the day!  Brett is having surgery to get a mediport (or "power port" put into his chest.

For those fortunate enough to NOT know what this is (or may know - but not really know what's involved), this is like a little "bladder" made of metal and plastic that is put into the veins in the neck/chest so the IV chemotherapy drugs - and drawing blood - can be done without sticking him in the arms all the time.

They make a tiny incision in his neck (jugular vein) and bigger one in his chest to feed in the wires/leads, and place the unit.  It also gives them medicine a bigger vein to enter - which is much easier on the body.  The tiny veins in the arms can only handle so much pressure and such.  The needles still go through his skin - but then right into the port underneath.  One lead goes through his jugular and one into his the vein leading to his heart (or something like that... I hope the nurses that read this realize I am going from memory and don't always know what I'm talking about, but I'm close!)

Brett got the silver one.  Lower profile and some cool features for getting scans/contrast dye, I guess? I was hoping the for the purple one (of course), which is funny because nobody sees it.  haha.
They let us look at sample ports and let us know what's involved.

"Really? Another picture?"

Rockin' the Gown!

Playing Dead.  Nice one, Brett... Sheesh!  haha

Heading back to get the procedure.  Peace out!
I wonder if he was already bald if they would make
him wear the head thing?  hmm..
All went well!  He goes home with the new silver friend in his chest.  (And we go to get something to eat!  We're both starving!  He couldn't eat after midnight... so for some reason, I didn't either and now it's afternoon.)   One day after his steri-strips come off, we'll take pictures of his cool scars for you all! :)

Chemo #3 is Wednesday to give this whole thing a test-drive!

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