Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chemo #4 with Dad!

Brett's Grandma Debbie (my step-mom) came down and was able to come with to the lab and doctor's visits.

The nurse visit went great!  (Dr. Fenske was doing a spinal tap - so he couldn't come in for the appointment - but it was okay.)   She was pretty pleased that Brett had gained weight!  He weighs 169 now (up from 145).  Brett is about 6'1".  Great news!

Once he was all set up at chemo - Debbie and I took off and went to see our entries get judged (we dropped them off at 8am in the morning).  We called and texted Eric and we actually got home about the same time they did!

A little background:  Debbie and I have entered into the baking/cooking competitions to the Wisconsin State Fair every year for the past 12 or so years together.  Today is the same day as the first day of judging.  We both entered MUCH less than years' past.  Brett thought it was important to still do our judging - and didn't want us to skip this year.  So we did!  Phoenix (my nephew) also entered into a couple of contests.  He took 3rd place in Kid's SPAM!

Eric took the day off of work so he could be at chemo with Brett.  I wish we got a picture of the two of them together!!

All is looking good.  And we are set to get a PET and CT scan to see how things are doing... that will be August 7th - and we'll get the results at his next doc/chemo day (August 14th).  So stay tuned for that!

Days after Chemo - Complications

Brett did okay but went right to bed.  He slept a lot over the next couple of days - but then he developed a swollen tongue and raw throat on Saturday and Sunday.  He called the nurse (in the middle of the night) and it's somewhat normal.  It may get worse with upcoming treatments.  They called in a prescription mouth wash to help in the future.  Luckily it was gone by Monday and he was eating like crazy!

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